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Indonesian Heritage Foundation

We partnered with IHF to empower female early-childhood volunteer teachers in Aceh and East Java, Indonesia to start selling life-changing technology in their communities.

A nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Ratna Megawangi and Dr. Sofyan Djalil in June 2000 and has established an educational model of “Character-based Holistic Education” (CBHE) that has been implemented in both formal schools and non-formal community based kindergartens (Semai Benih Bangsa – Planting The Nation's Seeds).

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Locally registered NGO

IHF's mission is to simultaneously develop all human dimensions: social, emotional, cognitive, creativity, physical, moral and spiritual in its design by providing a curriculum model of character-based holistic education. This curriculum enables each child to develop as a well-integrated individual.  One who is an independent creative thinker and a responsible and free individual.

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Ratna Megawangi
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Why we partner with Indonesian Heritage Foundation:
IHF has a strong network of schools across Indonesia and has worked to improve the well-being of its teachers through training and capacity building workshops.
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