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We partnered with OuTrop to provide N95 Particulate Respirator and firefighting equipment with the people who are suffocating under a blanket of smoke in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

OuTrop is an NGO based in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. OuTrop works  to protect the peat-swamps of Sabangau Forest, home to the world’s largest orangutan population and an abundance of other incredible wildlife.

Type of organisation: 
Locally registered NGO

OuTrop has worked in Sabangau since 1999. In partnership with local communities, they have surveyed orangutans across this vast landscape, documented rampant illegal logging, supported habitat protection units, equipped fire-fighting teams, re-wetted the swamp to prevent fire replanted degraded areas, supported community livelihood projects, and trained large numbers of local people to lead conservation and research projects. OuTrop is currently involved in fighting the fire storm engulfing Kalimantan.

Who they serve: 
Forest Communities
Simon Husson, Susan Cheyne, Mark Harrison, Laura D'Arcy, Helen Morrogh-Bernard, Bernat Ripoll Capilla
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Why we partner with OuTrop:
OuTrop has a proven track record in protecting peat-swamp forests to conserve orangutans and in Sabangau, Indonesia, one of the world’s most important rainforests.
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