Project Report:
Drink Up Karangasem

Mar 2016 to Sep 2016

The project:
Drink Up Karangasem, Indonesia
Technologies used:
Nazava Bening 2 Water Filter
Local partner:
The problem: 

People with disabilities in isolated areas of Karangasem, East Bali must rely on others to meet their basic needs. Wells and other water sources are often not wheelchair accessible so, in most cases, collecting water on their own is not possible. Even when access to water is available, the process of shifting large quantities and boiling it for drinking is a difficult and time-consuming task.

How we helped: 

We worked with our local partner, Puspadi Bali, to connect Nazava Bening 2 water filters to people living with a disability in Karangasem area. This helped them to be less dependent on others for their daily needs, and have easy access to safe drinking water.

What people are saying: 

I Wayan Merta lives in the highlands far from water springs making it harder for him to get clean drinking water. Although he has a rainwater reservoir, he can’t drink it without boiling it first. He needs to get firewood or kerosene to boil the water and it is too much hassle. When he started using the Nazava water filter, he found it really helpful as it was easy to use and he can use it  to filter the rainwater.

I Ketut Alit Ariana used to drink water directly from the tap and always worried whether it is safe or not. Since he got the Nazava water filter, he is more confident to drink the water and no longer needs to go to the kitchen as everything he needs to drink clean water is handy as the Nazava is ready in his bedroom.

I Wayan Putu Eka lives with her parents and often experience drought and have no water source at times which makes live difficult. Eka has a rainwater reservoir to get by but during the dry season there is not enough water. Not only that, she needs to boil the water which means an extra cost to buy the kerosene. With the Nazava water filter she can save money from not buying kerosene and has more time to do her work.

Reaching the last mile: 

The water filters were distributed for free to disabled members of the community in Karangasem. Puspadi Bali distributed the water filters by reaching the technology users one by one as some of them live in highland areas.

The challenges: 

The main challenge of the project was the tech users’ house location; some of them lived far off the main road or in highland areas which were only accessible by scooter or foot. This is a further challenge as Puspadi Bali’s main field officer in Karangasem area uses a prosthetic leg and can only carry one or two units at a time.

Technology feedback
Puspadi Bali
Puspadi Bali

Drink Up Karangasem