Project Report:
Drink Up Nias, Indonesia

Oct 2017 to Dec 2017

The project:
Drink Up Nias, Indonesia
Technologies used:
Nazava Bening 1 Water Filter
Local partner:
The problem: 

For many poor families living on Nias Island, North Sumatra, affording and accessing clean drinking water is a daily struggle. With little infrastructure on the island, and very little available income to buy water, many families are isolated and unable to access this daily necessity. As a result, many families either boil their water to make it safe to drink or drink it unfiltered from dams and rivers. Collecting water is a time-consuming process and consuming unpurified water can lead to water-borne diseases.

How we helped: 

We connected 40 Nazava Bening 1 Water Filters to families with a disabled family member who are facing financial hardship. Through this project, we provided a safe, long-term solution to access affordable drinking water.

What people are saying: 


I have four disabled children in my house and they used to have very bad drinking habits. They used to drink dirty, smelly water that came from a small reservoir dug behind our house. It seemed impossible to drink the water without boiling it first, but that’s what we did anyway. During the dry season, the water coming from that source is usually very murky and the dam even dries out over time. Our children often had problems with their digestive systems. Now that we’ve started using the Nazava water filter, my children can drink water anytime they need to because we now have a safe and clean source of drinking water. We put the water filter on a table that can easily be reached by my children. Since consuming water from the Nazava filter, they rarely have a stomach ache. Additionally, when the children go to school they can now carry a bottle of clean and safe water!

Ina Warni, a parent of four deaf children assisted by Yayasan Caritas Pengembangan Sosial Ekonomi-Keuskupan Sibolga, Wea-Wea Village, Sogaeadu-Nias, Indonesia


We often accompany families with disabled family members doing their household activities. When they cook, they usually wash the rice and vegetables with rainwater from the tank behind their house. The Nazava water filter makes household activities like this easier because they can now store water in the Nazava ready to use in the house. We’re glad to see that food processing and cooking activities have become more efficient and practical with these water filters."

Peribadi Daeli, Facilitator of Yayasan Caritas Pengembangan Sosial Ekonomi-Keuskupan Sibolga, Gunungsitoli, Indonesia.

Reaching the last mile: 

Our local partner on Nias Island, Yayasan Caritas Pengembangan Sosial Ekonomi-Keuskupan Sibolga distributed the water filters for free to people with disabilities in six districts: Sogae, Adu, Gido, Gunungsitoli Idanoi, Gunungsitoli Barat, Gunungsitolo Utara and Alasa Talamuzio. They engaged the technology users one at a time, and taught the users how to clean, and maintain the water filter. In addition, they will help distribute replacement tulip filters when they are needed.

The challenges: 

The main challenges the local partner experienced were:

  1. Finding that three plastic containers were damaged during the trip to the village by car. These containers were later replaced by Kopernik.
  2. Finding it was difficult to convince the families that the water is clean and safe to drink immediately after the demonstration. After watching the demonstration videos from Nazava, the families began to trust the technology.
  3. Learning how long it takes for the water to be filtered on the very first time that the filter is used.
Technology feedback
Caritas Keuskupan Sibolga

Drink Up Nias, Indonesia