Project Report:
Light Up Aqaba, Jordan Phase Two

Apr 2017 to Jul 2017

The project:
Light Up Aqaba, Jordan
Technologies used:
d.light S300 Solar lantern
Local partner:
The problem: 

Jordan, one of the smallest economies in the Middle East, suffers from poverty and high unemployment and has still opened its borders to a large number of refugees from the conflict in neighbouring Syria. This situation has put an additional strain on an already complicated economic situation.

People arriving as refugees have difficulty finding employment to pay for their needs. Access to electricity is one of the most important needs for refugees in Aqaba Camp as it helps them to do work or complete their daily activities at night. The refugees also need electricity to charge their mobile phones and connect with family and friends. The cost of electricity is a significant burden on the budgets of refugees.

How we helped: 

We collaborated with Human Relief Foundation (HRF) to distribute an additional 300 d.light S300 solar lights to Syrian refugees in Azraq Camp, Jordan. These lights helped to light up households in Unit 2 of Azraq Camp, which is still unelectrified. This solar light also allowed refugees to stay in touch with their relatives and friends as it can charge mobile phones.

What people are saying: 


“My family and I live in Unit 2, which is unelectrified. The solar light has been very useful to move around at night, especially when we need to go to the bathroom. They are also handy when we move around at night. It also helps us to stay in touch with our families and friends as we can charge our mobile phones with it.”

Ibrahim Helal Aluqlah, head of the family, unemployed, a Syrian refugee in Azraq Camp


“It is quite easy to use the solar light; and it’s very useful too. It provides much needed light at night, because we live in a remote, unelectrified camp located in the desert. There are a plenty of insects and harmful creatures and the solar light helps us see and avoid them.”

Alyah Ahmed Alahmed, housewife, unemployed, a Syrian refugee in Azraq Camp


“Since we arrived at the unelectrified camp unit, we have had no choice but to buy bottles of gas for lighting. This is a burden to us as it requires us to spend extra money, and using gas makes the inside of our shelter very hot, especially at night. This solar light is very economical, lightweight, and easy to charge.”

Ahmed Ibraheem Younis, unemployed, a Syrian refugee in Azraq Camp

Reaching the last mile: 

Due to security reasons, the solar light distribution target and schedule must adhere to the camp regulations. Since the number of refugees greatly outnumber the number of solar lights, HRF chose beneficiaries who live in houses farthest from the center of Azraq Camp. Our local partner completed the distribution of solar lights via community meetings within the camp.

The challenges: 

Rigorous regulation on visits from by HRF to the camp was the main challenge of this project. Our local partner tackled this challenge by conducting a comprehensive baseline assessment, maintaining good communication with the authorities, cooperating with another NGO working in the same field, and understanding the security rules inside the camp.

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Light Up Aqaba, Jordan Phase Two