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Dr. Sarpoma from Birthing Project USA, our local partner, with expecting Ghanaian mothers
Dec 2013 to Feb 2015

We connected 1,000 JANMA clean birth kits with mums-to-be in Ghana through health practitioners, including midwives and doctors.

424 d.light S2 solar lights were received at Apia Elementary School in September 2013
Sep 2013 to Dec 2014

We worked with our local partner, Solar Energy Foundation, to provide portable, durable and bright d.light S2 solar lights to students in Apia, The Philippines.

Francelino de Sousa said, "After using the S2 solar light, now I can save money and buy pencils, books, and other school resources.”
Apr 2014 to Nov 2014

We worked with our local partner, Roman Luan, to distribute d.light S2 solar lights to the students in Atauro Island, Timor-Leste free of charge.

Users of the d.light S300 solar light reported that it was innovative, unique and easy to use
Oct 2013 to Oct 2014

We worked with our local partner, Asosiasi Pedagang Kaki Lima, to connect d.light S300 solar lights to people in Timusu village, making it easier for them to work in the very early morning and at night. The solar lights boosted their business productivity, saved them money on kerosene and...

Clean cookstoves helped to reduce respiratory problems caused by cooking on three-stone fires
Jul 2013 to Sep 2014

We worked with our local partner, Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI), to connect fuel-efficient Envirofit G-3300 stoves with families to reduce air pollution from cooking and reduce wood consumption.

Women tried out the cookstoves at a community meeting
May 2012 to Jul 2014

Please note Kopernik did not receive a final report from our local partner for this project, and we will therefore not be working with Haritika again. We have compiled this project report from information gathered by Kopernik Fellow Yumiko Yamada, who visited the project site in mid-2012.

Nazava water filters are providing safe, clean drinking water to students at schools in Ban village
Sep 2013 to Jul 2014

We made safe drinking water available to students in East Bali by connecting simple water filter technology with remote schools. We distributed 151 Nazava Bening XL and 32 Nazava Bening 1 water filters.

At school, the students use the solar lights to carry out their studies early in the morning and late into the night
Apr 2013 to May 2014

We worked with our local partner, Action for Child Development Trust (ACDT), to connect 71 d.light S300 solar lights and 258 d.light S2 solar lights with families in Kakamega.

With her new stove, this woman can avoid respiratory illness caused by using smoky stoves indoors
Oct 2013 to Apr 2015

We worked with our local partner, African Centre for Advocacy and Human Development (ACAHD), to connect 215 Envirofit M5000 stoves with families in Nigeria’s Ondo State, replacing three-stone fireplaces and kerosene cookstoves. We reached families in the communities of Okitipupa, Ore, Ikoya,...

Evacuees at the Tanjung Pulo evacuation centre
Mar 2014

In the second phase of our Sinabung Emergency Response we worked with our local partner, PKPA Sumatra Utara, to distribute 105 Nazava XL water filters and 48 d.light S300 solar lights to evacuation centres.