Drink Up Karangasem, Indonesia
Phase Two

Help connect Nazava water filters to people with disabilities in Karangasem, Indonesia, to provide safe drinking water.

Nazava Bening 2
Water Filter
  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses, and parasites
  • Fresh tasting water with no odour
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Each ceramic candle filters 7,000 litres of water
Nazava Bening 2

This project has been completed.
Thank you to all who contributed.


For people living in remote parts of Bali, they must rely on collecting water and boiling it to make it safe to drink or purchasing gallons for home use. This process can be time-consuming and costly. For people relying on mobility aids such as a wheelchairs or prosthetics, accessing a well, spring or river to collect water can be treacherous. Carrying water far is heavy and managing to boil it on a stove is also challenging and takes a lot of time and may use precious wood supplies. Improper practices related to purifying water to drink can also lead to health problems such as diarrhea and water-borne diseases.

How we can help: 

By connecting the Nazava Bening 2 water filter to people with disabilities, we are increasing accessibility to safe drinking water and potentially reducing health problems, saving people time and saving people money. 

The Nazava water filter purifies water quickly with a filtration speed of six litres per hour. The filter is easy to refill and a small vessel can be used to transfer the dirty water into the top container and gravity does the rest. As the water passes through the filter candle, made from ceramic and impregnated with silver and activated carbon, bacteria, viruses and parasites are eliminated – removing the health risks related to consuming contaminated water.

For those whose current practice is to boil water, they may need to collect or purchase wood to complete this task, or alternatively they may rely on purchasing drinking water because they are not able to manage the collection process – the Nazava water filter will therefore save them money. 

Who are we working with: 

We will help people living with a disability in Karangasem who have limited physical mobility that stops them from completing daily activities such as collecting water. Our local partner, Puspadi Bali, has been working with people with disabilities in this area for some time and has helped connect people with wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs and have provided housing modifications and medical support.


The water filter will be distributed for free to people with disabilities in Karangasem identified by our local partner. Puspadi Bali will distribute the water filters to the recipients directly.

Project timeframe: 
Six months
Location :
Reaching 250 people
Funding Information: 

We are proud to announce that we have been selected to receive an AVID Disability Initiative Grant.

Local Partner Contribution: 

Non-financial contribution: local administrative work, warehousing, distribution and installation of the water filters.

Project Costs: 
Cost TypeCost DescriptionCost Amount
Product - Nazava Bening 2 Water Filter
Costs associated with project coordination and the technology
Monitoring and evaluation
Cost associated with data collection and analysis
Fluctuations in currency exchange rates and shipping costs may change the final quantity of technologies we ship for this project.

A huge Kopernik thank you to the 34 people who pitched in $1,982.08