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We’re all about finding what works

We work directly with last mile communities and conduct lean experiments of promising solutions to find what works and what doesn’t for poverty reduction. Learn more.

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Building diverse partnerships to find what works

At Kopernik, we believe that building collaborations with diverse stakeholders is key in finding practical and innovative solutions to reduce poverty.

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Replicating what is proven to work

Kopernik worked with Evidence Action and J-PAL to replicate the cash transfer program ‘No Lean Season’ in West Timor. This award-winning initiative has been featured by GiveWell and the Economist.

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Developing technology solutions for the last mile

Working together with Mitsubishi Electric, Kopernik helped test the prototype model of a motorbike powered compact refrigerator to support the livelihood of fish bike sellers in Kupang.

our work

We find what works to reduce poverty by experimenting with potential solutions that address common challenges facing people living in the last mile. We undertake three core types of work to achieve this.


Lean experimentation of promising technology-based or behavioral change solutions to reduce poverty.

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Last Mile Consulting

Professional advisory services to corporate and public sector clients to develop innovative products or services that serve the needs of people in emerging markets.

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Technology Distribution

We distribute simple and affordable products that address the typical problems of people living in the last mile.

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Experimentation for Progress | Toshi Nakamura | TEDxYerevanSalon

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Toshi Nakamura speaks at TEDxYerevanSalon about the value of our experiementation approach on poverty reduction.