Light Up Sulawesi, Indonesia

Help us provide micro-entrepreneurs in rural Sulawesi with access to clean and safe solar lighting to increase their productivity at night.

d.light S300
Solar lantern
  • Up to 16 hours of bright light or 100 hours on the bed light setting
  • Much brighter, safer, and more efficient than a kerosene lamp
  • Two-year warranty & lifespan of 5+ years
  • Also charges mobile phones
The S300 features 4 brightness settings, providing up to 16 hours of bright light (100 hours on the bed light setting)

This project has been completed.
Thank you to all who contributed.

An impact assessment was conducted by our Kopernik fellow in Jun-Aug 2015. During this process Kopernik discovered that electricity had reached the original target village, Timusu village before the lights were distributed. The solar lights were therefore not purchased by micro-entrepreneurs to support their micro-businesses but instead were attractive as back-up lights for power blackouts and portable solar mobile phone chargers. Read more in our full impact assessment report.


People in Timusu village, South Sulawesi, have very limited access to electricity, restricting what they can do at night. Many people running micro-enterprises must rely on kerosene lamps and candles to work at night. Traditional cake makers need reliable light to bake in their homes at night, while farmers need light to prepare their equipment, so they can go to the fields early the next morning. Families who keep animals also need light to take care of their chickens, cows or horses at night. Without a good light source, their productivity, and therefore income, is limited to what they can do or make during daylight hours. Many villagers currently use kerosene to fuel lamps. These dim, flickering flames are easily blown out by the wind. The fumes are harmful to respiratory health, and the open flame poses a fire risk. Kerosene is also expensive and nightly light use is limited by individual budgets.

How we can help: 

We will make d.light S300 solar lights available to micro-entrepreneurs in Timusu village, making it easier for them to work at night. The solar lights will boost their business productivity, save them money on kerosene and candles, and protect their home safety and respiratory health.

Who are we working with: 

We will offer the solar lights to motivated people who want to grow their micro-enterprises, including traditional cake makers and small-scale farmers.


We will introduce the solar lights at village meetings to identify demand from micro-entrepreneurs, establish the price, and agree on a repayment schedule. We will distribute the solar lights at the next meeting, witnessed by the head of the village, and provide training on how to use the technology. We will also provide mentoring to help people grow their businesses, and document how the solar lights are put to use.

Project timeframe: 
12 months
Location :
Reaching 250 people
Local Partner Contribution: 

Asosiasi Pedagang Kaki Lima Indonesia (Street Vendors' Association of Indonesia) will cover the cost of the staff time and administrative expenses to implemement and evaluate the project.

Project Costs: 
Cost TypeCost DescriptionCost Unit AmountCost QuantityCost Amount
Cost of the technology
Wire Transfer Fee
Clearance and local duty
Kopernik 10%
In order to cover due diligence that Kopernik conducts
Fluctuations in currency exchange rates and shipping costs may change the final quantity of technologies we ship for this project.