Start Up Tech Sales in Kratie, Cambodia

Help connect simple, life-changing technologies including water filters, solar lights and biomass cookstoves with people living in rural communities in Kratie Province, Cambodia.

Prime Square Fuelwood
Biomass Cookstove
  • Fast cooking thanks to stable, high heat
  • Uses up to 80% less wood than a traditional three-stone fire
  • Durable but lightweight & easy to transport
 The Prime Square Fuelwood Cookstove

This project has been completed.
Thank you to all who contributed.

d.light S300
Solar lantern
  • Up to 16 hours of bright light or 100 hours on the bed light setting
  • Much brighter, safer, and more efficient than a kerosene lamp
  • Two-year warranty & lifespan of 5+ years
  • Also charges mobile phones
The S300 features 4 brightness settings, providing up to 16 hours of bright light (100 hours on the bed light setting)

This project has been completed.
Thank you to all who contributed.

Super Tunsai
Water Filter
  • Porous, pot-shaped ceramic filter element infused with silver particles
  • Filters 10 litres of clean, safe drinking water in three to five hours 
  • Easy to clean requiring simple, periodic maintenance 
The Super Tunsai Water Filter

This project has been completed.
Thank you to all who contributed.


In Kratie Province there is a lack of access to electricity and clean drinking water. Families also use traditional clay stoves for cooking which emit a lot of smoke and are fuel-hungry.

Our local partner, CRDT, conducted a feasibility study and discovered that 55% of the villages they serve are without mains electricity access. They also learnt that 49% of people interviewed use kerosene lights for lighting. Kerosene lamps are not good for people’s health and solar lights are deemed safer, cheaper and more portable.

CRDT reported that people in the communities they serve access their drinking water via bought gallon bottles, wells, rain water or from the river. The gallon containers cost families US$5.50 for the initial bottle and $0.50 for each refill. Rain water is collected by channeling water from roofs into large ceramic water vessels. The vessels are not sealed and can easily become contaminated. This water is fine for washing clothes but needs to be boiled before using it for drinking, but people don’t always do this. Equally river water and well water also need to be treated before it is safe to drink. Drinking unclean water has made the community vulnerable to a number of health problems such as diarrhea caused by bacterial infections, intestinal worms and viruses. According to the WHO Health Report for Cambodia, infants are particularly vulnerable with 8% of deaths of children under five years old being caused by diarrhea in Cambodia. 

In CRDT’s target area, cooking is done predominantly using small clay stoves which use charcoal or using traditional wood-burning three stone fires. The traditional fires increase indoor air pollution and are fuel-hungry. In 2013 a report by the University of Maryland showed that Cambodia had lost 2,132 km² of forest in the last decade, 7.1% of its forest cover and its rates of deforestation are amongst the highest in the world. People collect wood from the forest to have wood to burn for free.

How we can help: 

By connecting the d.light S300 solar lights, Super Tunsai water filters, and Prime Square Fuelwood cookstoves with people in Kratie Province, families can have brighter nights, access to clean, healthy drinking water and can cook with less smoke and less fuel. 

The use of solar lights will give members of the community the opportunity to read, study and socialise at night. The lights’ phone charger will also allow people to charge their mobile phones when currently phone charging requires a visit to town. The lights also generate energy more reliably and with less environmental and health impacts.

Water filters will provide health benefits and help people to avoid water-borne illnesses caused by drinking unsafe water. For those who buy gallon containers, the water filter will provide a cheaper and more sustainable solution than buying bottled water.

With 80% more fuel efficiency than three stone fires, the cookstoves will reduce wood consumption in Cambodia. 

Who are we working with: 

CRDT has links with approximately 115 Self Help Groups (SHGs) across Kratie province, with whom they have already worked on various business ventures and projects. These members will be CRDT’s primary customers. Through these groups, CRDT also hopes to have access to the broader community. The majority of SHG members are farmers, and most of them are women. CRDT has been working with these community members for many years to improve their living standards and to protect the environment from degradation.


CRDT’s staff will distribute the technologies in nine villages in Kratie Province through their connections with the SHGs. Customers will be able to pay for the technologies upfront or in instalments over four months using their community group’s savings. Sales revenue from this project will be reinvested in more technology to serve more people in the last mile.

Project timeframe: 
July – October 2015
Location :
Reaching 645 people
Funding Information: 

This project will be funded by our funding partner, Daiwa Securities.

Local Partner Contribution: 

Financial contribution:

CRDT agrees to return 70% of the cost price from their sales revenue to Kopernik to be reinvested in more technology for people who need it most.

Non-financial contribution:

CRDT will contribute its distribution networks and its staff to implement the project, providing technical support for repairs, promotion, transport and reporting to ensure the project is a success.

Project Costs: 
Cost TypeCost DescriptionCost Unit AmountCost QuantityCost Amount
Product - d.light S300
Cost of technology
Product - Prime Square Firewood
Cost of technology
Shipping - Prime Square Firewood
Includes shipping, duty, clearance
Product - Super Tunsai
Cost of technology - Super Tunsai
Shipping - Super Tunsai
Includes shipping, duty, clearance
Wire transfer fee
Wire Transfer fee
Payment processing fee
3.3% average based on the average size of project and average donation amount
Administration fee (15%)
Covers due diligence, monitoring, printing & administration related costs
Fluctuations in currency exchange rates and shipping costs may change the final quantity of technologies we ship for this project.

A huge Kopernik thank you to the 1 people who pitched in $5,332.71