Syrian Refugees Response
Phase One

Help connect clean birth kits to internally displaced mums-to-be in Syria, giving them some comfort during the crisis, knowing that they will have clean and sterile equipment during childbirth.

Clean Birth Kit
  • Ensures sanitation and sterility at the time of childbirth
  • Provides a clean and safe birth regardless of facility conditions
  • Comes in an attractive jute bag that can be reused as a purse
JANMA is a $3 clean birth kit containing six simple tools to ensure sanitation and sterility at the time of childbirth

This project has been completed.
Thank you to all who contributed.


Nearly half a million Syrian women, including refugees and those still in Syria, are pregnant and in need of maternal care. Due to ongoing civil war and airstrikes, about 95 percent of the doctors in Syria's largest city have left, died or been detained for their work, and more than two-thirds of the city’s hospitals are no longer functioning (Physicians for Human Rights, November 2015). Based on our local partner’s report, internally displaced mums-to-be in Syria are giving birth in bunkers, tent, even caves, without or with very limited assistance from medical staff or access to medical equipment.

How we can help: 

By connecting JANMA Clean Birth Kit with internally displaced mums-to-be in Syria will have access to sterile equipment needed for a safe birth. JANMA Clean Birth Kits contains six simple tools (recommended by the World Health Organization) that can prevent infections, mortality and morbidity at the time of childbirth.

Who are we working with: 

We will help internally displaced mums-to-be in Syria access to medical supplies and assistance for a safe and clean birthing process. Our local partner, Circle of Health International, is currently supporting Syrian midwives to attend training in Turkey. After the training, these midwives will return to Syria to provide life-saving support for women and newborns. Circle of Health International have also been distributing other medical supplies, medicines, and equipment within Syria.


The clean birth kits will be distributed through 10 midwives who are currently attending medical training in Turkey. Each midwife will receive 100 kits which will be used when they return to Syria to provide professional assistance during childbirth. These midwives will provide the kits to mums-to-be in six different communities across the country.

Project timeframe: 
Twelve months
Location :
Reaching 2000 people
Local Partner Contribution: 

Non-financial contribution: local administrative work, technology distribution, and training for the midwives.

Project Costs: 
Cost TypeCost DescriptionCost Unit AmountCost QuantityCost Amount
Product - JANMA Clean Birth Kits
Cost of technology (including shipping)
Wire transfer fee
Payment processing fee
3.3% average based on the average size of project and average donation amount
Administration fee
Covers due diligence, monitoring, printing & administration related costs
Fluctuations in currency exchange rates and shipping costs may change the final quantity of technologies we ship for this project.

A huge Kopernik thank you to the 70 people who pitched in $6,250.56