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Wonder Women: East Flores, Indonesia

Helping 19 inspiring women to make simple, life-changing technology available in one of the poorest regions of Indonesia.

Meet the wonder women: click a name to read her story

Tech Agent
Starter Kit
  • A complete kit to be a technology agent, including 30 technologies to sell on consignment
  • Three days of training in product knowledge, business planning, financial literacy and public speaking
Tech Agent Starter Kit. [Bag designed by Alex Fuller, T-shirt designed by james zamyslianskyj from the Noun Project.]


Life in East Flores is pretty tough. This eastern Indonesian regency is plagued by problems which exacerbate poverty. Most families rely on subsistence agriculture, but drought, disease and pests often cause crops to fail. Roads, where they exist, are in varying states of disrepair, isolating villages. Access to electricity ranges from unreliable to non-existent. The region has one of the lowest rates of access to improved water sources, and one of the highest rates of child stunting of all Indonesia. The challenges seem to pile on top of each other: volcanic eruptions, a malaria epidemic, a rabies outbreak and land conflict in the past few years alone. 

To escape grinding poverty, people often leave East Flores to earn a living through migrant work, particularly in the Malaysian region of Sabah. Many men never return, abandoning their wives. But the Indonesian government does not recognise these women as household heads - according to Indonesian law, the head of a household must be a man. This means that women who have been abandoned, widowed, divorced or separated from their husbands can’t access many government services and poverty alleviation programs. Life in East Flores is pretty tough, life in East Flores for women without husbands is even tougher. You have to be pretty resilient to survive.

How we can help: 

Kopernik has been working in East Flores since 2012, in partnership with PEKKA, an Indonesian organisation supporting women who are the heads of their households. We have introduced solar lights, water filters and fuel-efficient cookstoves to PEKKA women, who have enthusiastically embraced these simple technologies. Their friends, relatives and neighbours are keen to buy these technologies for themselves.

Now we are inviting 19 of the most motivated women to join our technology agent program. In Indonesian, we call these women Ibu Inspirasi (inspirational mothers and women). In English, we call them Wonder Women. These women have overcome superhero-sized challenges to support their families and educate their children.

Our Wonder Women will sell solar lanterns, solar home systems, water filters and fuel-efficient cookstoves in their villages, forming a crucial link in the supply chain connecting life-changing technology with the people who need it the most. At the same time, they will gain new business skills, build their confidence and boost their income. They will inspire their families and communities, as pioneering micro-social-entrepreneurs in East Flores.


To start-up their micro-social-businesses, our 19 Wonder Women will participate in three days of training in product knowledge, business planning, financial literacy and public speaking. In their starter kits they will receive 19 technologies to sell on consignment, a t-shirt, hat, tote bag and banner to market themselves as technology agents, brochures to help sell the technologies, and order and receipt books to manage their sales.

Who are we working with: 

Click on the photos of Mama Agnes, Mama Rofit, Mama Mensi and Mama Kimilia above to learn more about the Wonder Women who aspire to become micro-social-entrepreneurs in East Flores.

Location :
Reaching 4500 people
Project Costs: 
Cost TypeCost DescriptionCost QuantityCost Amount
Total cost of technology: 3 d.light S20, 10 d.light S300, 10 Nazava Bening 1, 3 Prime cookstove standard, 3 Prime cookstove jumbo, 1 Brightbox
Total cost of promotional materials: T-shirt, hat, banner, tote bag, technology pamphlets (50 x 5 technologies), order and receipt books
3 day training program in - product knowledge, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, public speaking, business planning.
Paypal fees 3.3%
Covers Kopernik's due diligence and project support costs
Cost of technology, promotional materials, training & processing fees
19xStarters Kits
Fluctuations in currency exchange rates and shipping costs may change the final quantity of technologies we ship for this project.

A huge Kopernik thank you to the 22 people who pitched in $23,923.10