Cantika Marlangen

Çantika Marlangen

Senior Analyst

Tika brings her extensive experience in project management to Kopernik's new approach in experimentation project within the Kopernik Solutions Lab. She initially managed a large portfolio of our crowdfunded projects, working hard to connect technologies with people who need them most throughout the Asia-Pacific. A graduate in pyschology from the University of Indonesia, she is passionate about improving the quality of education in the last mile. Before joining the K-Team, Tika spent several years working in community development and education in Papua, Kalimantan, Maluku, East Nusa Tenggara and Sulawesi. While her work and travel have taken her to many remote places, if she could choose one place to visit where have few have gone before it would be outer space: Tika dreams of becoming an astronaut.

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Kopernik in action:
16 February 2015
CDC Balaghat approached us because they were concerned about the use of kerosene lamps among the Baiga tribespeople they work with

The Local Link to The Last Mile »

Our local partners are doing amazing work, often with little recognition, so I wanted to shine a light on one partner in particular: CDC Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh, India

By Çantika Marlangen

Kopernik in action:
11 September 2014
The Kopernik team facilitated a discussion on economic solidarity at the Poso Women's Congress

A Path to Peace in Poso »

Most Indonesians know Poso, Central Sulawesi, as a conflict zone. But I don't want to focus on the conflict, Instead, I want to tell you about what women in Poso are doing for peace. In 2013, Kopernik partnered with Mosintuwu Institute to connect technology with communities in Poso. After we had raised the funds to send the technology, this project was ready to launch. In March, I travelled to Central Sulawesi with my colleague Rara to attend the Poso Women's Congress.

By Çantika Marlangen

Kopernik in action:
15 August 2014
Eight months after Typhoon Haiyan, many students have returned to their classrooms, but some are studying under temporary tents as they wait for their schools to be repaired

Always Pack Sensible Shoes »

When I spotted the steep, slippery path ahead of me, I knew I was in trouble. I’m up for almost any challenge, but my ballet flats were not. From my viewpoint high in this mountainous region of San Carlos, in the Philippines, I looked down to the forest far below, and gulped. After slip-sliding down a treacherous part of the path, and grabbing at small branches - and my colleagues’ hands - to stay upright, I knew the shoes had to go.

By Çantika Marlangen

Kopernik in action:
26 June 2014
Adit joined us to help distribute water filters in Madura, East Java

A crucial component: volunteers! »

Simple technology, complex logistics: how would Kopernik, based in Ubud, distribute 800 Nazava water filters to schools spread across Indonesia, from Papua in the east to Sumatra in the west, and six more islands in-between?

By Çantika Marlangen