Vanesha Manuturi

Vanesha Manuturi

Digital Content Officer

With five years of experience as a journalist and a lifelong drive in making the world a better place for all, Vanesha currently helps manage and produce content for Kopernik as the Digital Content Officer. A storyteller at heart, she is passionate about crafting effective content that is authentic, empathetic and credible. Prior to Kopernik, she reported business and economic news for several English-language news organizations, establishing an extensive network of business leaders and government officials. She was also actively involved in a women's rights movement in Jakarta. Outside of work, she likes to spend time travelling, volunteering and also trying to catch up on her ever-growing list of books to read.

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Kopernik in action:
23 March 2018

Navicula, Erick EST and Kopernik Collaborate to Present ‘Terus Berjuang’ Music Video »

In addressing today’s social and environmental challenges, from climate change to poverty, an organization cannot stand alone. Collective effort by way of multi-sector collaborations is crucial if we seek to achieve significant and sustainable social change.

By Vanesha Manuturi

20 March 2018

K-Day 2018: Celebrating 8 years of Collaboration and Innovation »

Ubud, Bali. 15 March 2018 — Kopernik celebrates its eighth anniversary in finding effective solutions to reduce poverty with a day packed with engaging discussions and an exciting line-up of arts and music performances at Kopernik Day (K-Day) on 23 March 2018.

Friday, March 23, 2018 - 14:30

Kopernik in action:
19 January 2018
Mama Mardiah

Embracing People, Embracing Clean Technologies with Mama Mardiah »

When Mama Mardiah brought home a brand new motorcycle out of the blue, her neighbors in the village of Horinara, Adonara, Flores were excited for her. She had won the motorcycle from a competition organized by Kopernik in August 2017. In celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day, Kopernik hosted a competition among the Wonder Women across East Nusa Tenggara to sell as many technologies as possible.

By Vanesha Manuturi

Kopernik in action:
08 January 2018
Mama Yoh

Mama Yoh: A Ray of Perseverance and Determination »

Under the bright and scorching sun of East Nusa Tenggara, Mama Yoh, a housewife from Larantuka, picked up one of the solar lanterns she had been demonstrating to the crowd and walked across to give them a closer look. Around 15 people were gathered at the village hall of Waibao, Tanjung Bunga, East Flores that day. Solar lanterns were a particular source of interest because the village is largely still disconnected from the nearest power grid.

By Vanesha Manuturi

Kopernik in action:
23 November 2017
kopernik x navicula

Kopernik x Navicula: Music and Technology for Change »

Ubud, 22 November 2017 - Kopernik is excited to be collaborating with Balinese band Navicula in a tour to Australia from 24 November to 10 December to raise awareness on the transformational role of music and simple technologies in addressing social and environmental issues in Indonesia.

By Vanesha Manuturi