d.light D20
Solar Home System

Energy and Environment

The d.light D20 Solar Home System delivers power with no recurring cost through a roof-mounted solar panel. The d.light D20 is designed for easy installation, simple operation and has a long operating life.

Detailed Description: 

The d.light D20 Solar Home System includes two bright lamps that can be placed in separate rooms and independently controlled via wall switches. It also has a unique portable lantern with two brightness settings for added flexibility and charges a wide variety of popular mobile phones and USB devices.

Ships From: 
Shenzen, China
Shipping Restrictions: 
Minimum order quantity applicable
Delivery Lead Time: 
4 to 6 weeks in case of non-forecasted sales
Warranty & Return Policy: 

2 years of replacement warranty for manufacturing defects. Terms and conditions of the waranty are availiable at on d.light design website.

Additional Information: 
  • Payment shall be advance
  • Packing dimension (HxWxD): 335mm x 240mm x 133mm
  • Units per carton: 8
  • Carton weight: 17.95kg
Technical Overview: 
  • With two light settings: low (15 hours) and high (7 hours)
  • Lamps are upgradeable to 4 lamps
  • Battery capacity: 3,000 (mAh); 19.2 (Wh)
  • Solar charging time: 1 full day recommended
  • Solar panel cable length: 6 m
  • Lamp cable length: 1x4 m and 1x8 m
  • Weight: 2 kg
Average Product Lifespan: 
5-10 years depending on usage
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