GG Pad
Menstrual Pad


Hygienic and reusable sanitary pads for women.

Detailed Description: 

Environmentally friendly, reusable menstrual pad for women. This menstrual pad does not have adverse effects on the female reproductive organs because it does not contain harmful chemicals.

Ships From: 
This technology does not have a refund or return policy
Technical Overview: 
  • Outer layer: Polyuretane Laminated (PUL)
  • Inner Layer: Microfleece
  • Absorber Layer: 2 Ply Microfiber FBZ T360
  • Adjustable: Snap
  • Dimension: 22 x 28 cm
  • Capacity: 90cc
Average Product Lifespan: 
2 years
Technical Expertise Required: 


Maintenance Required: 

Before use:

  • Do pre-wash (once is sufficient), before using menspad. This is useful for cleaning menspad and maximize absorption.

How to wash:

  • Clean with water (or spray with enough pressure) to remove stains on the menspad surface.
  • Rinse menspad until the stains disappear.
  • Wash menspad with mild clothes detergent and avoid using fabric softener (also avoid detergent that containt fabric softener). You only need to use little detergent. Fabric softerner or perfume can reduce the microfiber absortion.
  • It is recommended to do hand washing.
  • For stubborn stains, soak the menspad for 5 minutes - 12 hours (maximum) with little detergent. Alternatively, you can smear detergent on menspad surface and do the hand washing. Rinse thoroughly until there is no detergent residue.
  • You can dry menspad by squeeze it gently and sun or air dry. Do not twist and squeeze the menspad.

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