Clean Birth Kit


JANMA Clean Birth Kit contains all the essential tools required to ensure safe and sterile conditions at the time of childbirth. Assembled by local women in India, JANMA (which means birth in Sanskrit) is packed in a biodegradable jute bag that new mothers can reuse as a purse.

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Detailed Description: 

JANMA is a US$3 clean birth kit containing six simple tools recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure sanitation and sterility at the time of childbirth. By providing the 'six cleans' (clean hands, clean perineum, clean delivery surface, clean cord cutting and tying instruments, and clean cutting surface), JANMA prevents infections, mortality, and morbidity at the time of childbirth. JANMA not only saves the lives of mother and baby, but also gives them a happy, healthy, infection-free start to life.

JANMA is a 'one stop shop' for health institutions, enabling healthcare workers to provide a clean and safe birth regardless of facility conditions. Kit components come packaged in an attractive jute bag that new mothers can reuse as a purse.

Unit Price $2 to $5 USD based on components requested plus shipping
Price Comments: 
5-10% discount applicable on orders over 10,000 Units. For bulk orders and tailor made kits please write to sales@ ayzh.com. A minimum order would be a box of 100 kits.
Ships From: 
Delivery Lead Time: 
2-3 weeks
Warranty & Return Policy: 

Please inquire directly.

Additional Information: 

The kit can be customized for your country/ location/ institution/ project please.

Additional Documents: 
AYZH Clean Birth Kit Training Manual3.57 MB
Technical Overview: 
  • Underpad 
  • Surgical scalpel blade (Gamma radiated) 
  • Cord clamp (ETO sterile) 
  • Bar of soap 
  • Baby Wiping Cloth
  • Instruction sheet 
  • Jute purse packaging 
Average Product Lifespan: 
Shelf Life 18 months to Two Years. One time use.
Technical Expertise Required: 

Designed for use by health care service providers. Pictorial instructions provided with every kit. Pictorial training manual with every package. Also an online animate movie available (CD can be shipped on request at a minimal fee). No additional training should be required.

Available Support: 
Supplemental mobile education program available.
Maintenance Required: 

Sterility needs to be maintained and hence need to store it as a package and not open components until need to be used.

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