Solar Dryer


Kopernik's solar dryer (K-dryer) uses solar energy to dry agricultural produce

Detailed Description: 

Kopernik's solar dryer (K-dryer) uses solar energy to dry agricultural produce. The solar dryer works like an enormous toaster oven powered by the sun. Agricultural produce drys faster in this controlled environment and is safe from contamination and the weather. The dryer also works through the night using heat energy stored in its battery.

Ships From: 
Adonara, East Nusa Tenggara
Shipping Restrictions: 
Delivery Lead Time: 
3-4 weeks
This technology does not have a refund or return policy
Additional Information: 

If the temperature inside the solar dryer is too high, the fan will automatically turn on to regulate the temperature.

Technical Overview: 
  • Capacity: 1 tonne
  • Temperature increase: 10-20Celsius
  • Material: Polycarbonate plastic
  • Shelving: Four units
  • Able to dry agricultural products such as: cashews, coconuts, sorghum, candlenuts, bananas, moringa, cacao, coffee beans, etc
Average Product Lifespan: 
5 years

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