Menstrual Hygiene Kit


KANYA, the menstrual hygiene kit by AYZH provides women with the tools and education that they need to manage their reproductive health effectively and efficiently – keeping women and girls happy and healthy.

Detailed Description: 

KANYA, the menstrual hygiene kit by AYZH, is the latest addition to their expanding product suite addressing the critical continuum of women’s reproductive health.  KANYA is designed to improve women’s health, during menstruation and the immediate post-partum period.

When women and girls do not have the necessities, such as sanitary pads and a means to clean themselves, they may use unsafe items in their place such as old rags, leaves, etc. Reusable options may not be able to be cleaned properly in low-resource settings, contributing to the risk of infection. Menstruation and post-partum care can be a complicated, dangerous, and embarrassing process for women and girls in these settings.

KANYA makes it easier and safer for girls and women to manage their menstruation and post-partum care. It gives girls the opportunity to stay in school and stay healthy, and women the opportunity to properly care for herself, and her newborn.

Price Comments: 
Exclude shipping cost
Ships From: 
Chennai, India
Shipping Restrictions: 
Minimum 1,000 units
Delivery Lead Time: 
2-3 weeks
This technology does not have a refund or return policy
Technical Overview: 

Consists of:

  • 10 sanitary pads
  • 3 hand sanitizer sachets
  • 5 disposable paper bags
  • 1 pair of underwear
  • 1 instruction booklet
Average Product Lifespan: 
Single use/ disposable – shelf life is approximately 2-3 years
Technical Expertise Required: 


Available Support: 
Pictorial instructions will be provided

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