Ashley Grimes
Friday, November 16, 2012 - 13:15

By Ashley Grimes
Project Officer

A Special Thanks

Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd, Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd and Russell Investments Japan Co., Ltd. were among the first to extend their support to Kopernik, and we are pleased to announce that the support continues! Our partners will continue to give to the following Kopernik projects in order to deliver life-improving technologies to those most in need:

Light for Remote River Islands of Northern Bangladesh
Residents of 12 remote villages of Northern Bangladesh without access to electricity will receive 200 d.light S250s, benefiting around 1,000 people. The d.light S250 is a solar light that also charges cell phones. The distribution of this technology will allow students to study at night and keep people connected by charging cell phones.

Clean Water for Poverty-Stricken Areas in Indonesia 
Three-hundred Nazava Bening 1 water filters will be distributed to those most in need in Bali. These water filters remove waterbourne diseases making water safe to drink and deliver clean drinking water for up to three years saving time, saving money and saving lives.

Agents of Technology, Agents of Change 
Poor female heads of househods and members of Pemberdayaan Perempuan Kepala Keluarga (PEKKA) are provided with clean cookstoves and new business opportunities without the risk of debt.

When a Child is Born 
One hundred Maternova Obstetric Kits will be provided to a newtork of midwives currently delivering babies in low-resource settings.

Solar Ears for Children in Vietnam 
Approximately 30 children with hearing loss will directly benefit from the Solar Ear hearing aids. The training will benefit about 300 children with hearing loss.

Kopernik is greatly appreciative of Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd, Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd and Russell Investments Japan Co., Ltd.'s ongoing support.