Kopernik Partners with Unilever to combat Malaria and Dengue in Myanmar
Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 15:35

By Arvin Dwiarrahman
Last Mile Consulting Manager

Kopernik Partners with Unilever to combat Malaria and Dengue in Myanmar

Kopernik partners with TRANSFORM to develop and test disruptive market-based solutions for improved mosquito control in Myanmar. TRANSFORM is a joint initiative between the UK’s Department for International Development and Unilever, with the aim to improve the health and well-being of 100 million people in Africa and South Asia by 2025.

Addressing the high prevalence of malaria and dengue in urban and rural Myanmar, the Integrated Community and Home Protection (ICHP) program aims to provide an innovative multi-pronged approach to help combat insect borne diseases. A range of safe and effective products, treated with World Health Organization-approved insecticides will allow users to protect their homes and families from mosquitos.

Protection against mosquito-borne disease is patchy in many parts of Myanmar where government initiatives have not yet reached. In these parts of the country, people purchase consumer products such as sprays and coils to try and avoid mosquito bites. The ICHP program will monitor the adoption and use of alternative, highly efficacious and safe solutions for addressing the mosquito problem in homes.

In partnership with local partners, Kopernik’s Last Mile Consulting will conduct focus group discussions, home-user tests and sales simulations in targeted areas of Myanmar. Emphasis will be placed on measuring behavior change and identifying business models that deliver effective market-based solutions for low-income households.