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Kopernik in action:
20 November 2016

Inspiring Wonder Women through a learning trip »

Since 2011, Kopernik has been working with women across Indonesia to economically empower them through our Wonder Women program. The women receive three levels of training covering topics such as financial management, bookkeeping, and marketing in order to equip them with the necessary skills to sell clean energy technologies within their communities.

By Ina Saptiono

Kopernik news:
16 November 2016
Plan international

Kopernik and Plan International partner for a new economic empowerment project for young people »

Kopernik is proud to announce a new project in partnership with Plan International. The Youth Change Agent project will provide 60 young men and women from East Nusa Tenggara with skills and knowledge to launch their own small-scale enterprises. Training offered to the participants of the project will cover a range of business-related skills such as leadership, confidence building, communications, conflict management, and financial management.

By Feby Ramadhani

Kopernik news:
15 November 2016

Kopernik and Javara co-host an upcoming event on Indonesian farming »

On 8 December this year, Kopernik will co-host an event with argo social enterprise Javara Indigenous Indonesia. The event will highlight opportunities for innovation and collaboration in smallholder farming across Indonesia based on recent research by our strategic initiatives team.

By Anna Northey

Kopernik insights:
03 November 2016
Stove stacking

Do CO2 emissions savings calculations reflect reality? »


In the age of growing climate change concerns, CO2 emission reductions gained from the use of improved biomass stoves have become a hot topic. Many organisations are keen to measure reductions to better understand the impact of their stove distribution programs and to potentially convert them to valuable carbon credits.

By Lana Kristanto

Kopernik in action:
01 November 2016

Meeting the unmet needs of smallholder farmers across Indonesia »

Adonara, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia | Ripe cashew fruits are littered on the ground or still blossoming in the trees, producing a pleasant scent as one passes by. Here on this island of lush forest and aged tin roofs, it’s common practice for cashew farmers to stop at just separating the cashew nut from its fruit, selling it unprocessed any further at the market or to the ‘bigger’ traders.

By Radityo Hutomo

Kopernik in action:
12 October 2016

From the digital world to real-life engagement »

When I was given the assignment to create a public advocacy campaign to raise awareness about women’s role in opening up energy access, I thought about a lot of things. But the most important thing I considered was that it had to be engaging. Why? Because if it’s engaging, people will take interest and then understand the issue.

By Ina Saptiono

Kopernik insights:
28 September 2016

Business experience is not necessarily the key to becoming a high-performing sales agent »


So, you want to sell your products in base of the pyramid markets and you’ve decided to form a sales force. What type of people should you recruit? Those with experience in sales or prior business ownership might seem like the best choice. However, that’s not what our data shows.

By Toshi Nakamura

Kopernik in action:
26 September 2016
Kopernik in action:
09 September 2016

Collecting data, collecting stories »

Our Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, Lana Kristanto, recently went on a data collection trip to Sumba. She outlines some incredible findings about kerosene use in this part of the world - where in her sample she found 94% of people still use harmful kerosene for household lighting.

By Lana Kristanto

Kopernik news:
06 September 2016


We have just launched the latest version of our Impact Tracker Technology catalogue!

By Anna Baranova