We’re all about finding what works 

As an R&D lab, we conduct lean experiments to find what works and what doesn’t to address social and environmental challenges. We share results and learnings from our lean experiments to achieve the SDGs in the Solutions Catalog.


Building diverse partnerships to find what works

At Kopernik, we believe that partnering with diverse stakeholders is key to reaching sustained impact in the collective effort to address social and environmental challenges. 


Sharing knowledge and insights for collective impact

We are committed to sharing our findings - both our successes and our failures to assist others in their efforts to find what works in addressing social and environmental challenges. 


Engaging communities to reduce single-use plastic pollution

We work with partners from the public, private and creative sectors to implement a behavior change campaign to reduce plastic pollution and increase knowledge about the hazards of single-use plastic in Bali and beyond.

Kopernik: An R&D Lab for Social and Environmental Challenges

This short video introduces Kopernik's lean experimentation approach to finding innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges.