Randiano Tamelan

Program Officer

Randi is a development practitioner with over seven years of experience in the sector. He firmly believes that indigenous communities possess crucial knowledge and wisdom that can address the challenges faced by underserved communities.

Randi holds a Master's degree in Development Studies from the University of Sydney. Before joining Kopernik, he served as a Project Coordinator in Lakoat Kujawas, where he devoted his efforts to empowering indigenous communities in Mollo, East Nusa Tenggara. Randi is not only passionate about development work and creative endeavors, but he is also a staunch advocate for diversity and inclusion. He strongly believes in the importance of including and representing every individual, including women, children, LGBTQIA+ individuals, ethnic and religious minorities, elderly people, and other marginalized groups. Randi firmly holds that appreciating and respecting different perspectives and experiences is essential in creating meaningful and sustainable change in communities. Outside of work, Randi finds joy in watching the sunrise by the beach, which brings him a sense of gratitude, solace, and inspiration.