Clean Energy Technologies For Students In The Last Mile

Clean Energy Technologies For Students In The Last Mile
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Help connect solar lights and water filters with students in remote parts of eastern Indonesia, providing access to safe light and clean drinking water.


Access to electricity remains limited in parts of Eastern Indonesia. Students often rely on dim, dirty and dangerous kerosene lanterns to study at night.

Access to clean and safe drinking water at school is limited. Water-borne diseases are a major health problem in Indonesia and 39,000 Indonesian children die each year from diarrhea, caused by dirty water and poor sanitation.


By introducing the d.light A2 solar light, students will be able to study after dark. The solar light will provide a  bright light for up to four hours on a full day's charge. The focused light of the d.light S2 is ideal for studying and is much safer than studying by kerosene lamp or candlelight.

The Nazava Bening XL water filters will provide safe, clean drinking water to the students. Each unit can filter six liters of water per hour and holds 27.5 liters of water: enough to keep 20 students hydrated during the school day. With safe drinking water freely available, it is hoped that students will suffer fewer health problems.


The solar lights and water filters will be donated to schools, with the assistance of our partner, SeaTrek. They will meet with students and teachers to explain how to use and maintain the technology.

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Total $9,350

Kopernik Solutions provided a sub-grant to a trusted partner organisation who is implementing this project.