Integrating Existing Multi-sector Program into UNICEF’s Innovation Lab Work

Kopernik supported UNICEF Indonesia to improve the work of its Innovation Lab by identifying key partners, building strong networks and integrating the Innovation Lab’s work with UNICEF’s main program.

Project Type

  • Last Mile Consulting
  • Research & Support


UNICEF Indonesia established its own innovation lab that aims to bring new ideas from multi-sector partners in the country. However, during the initial phase, it was challenging to identify partners that UNICEF had not worked with before, including universities and technology companies. There is also a challenge to bring together different approaches, such as integrating human-centered design into the daily work of UNICEF


Kopernik identified the key organisations and institutions needed for the project and leveraged both existing and new connections with universities and other innovative companies to support the work of the Innovation Lab. Kopernik assisted in integrating UNICEF’s innovation lab work and its mainstream program activities, leveraging the deep understanding of how aid agencies and innovative companies work.

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The Innovation Lab's work has become more integrated into UNICEF’s mainstream program work. Evidently, they successfully completed the Global Design Challenge - an academic design competition to bring innovative thinking and global collaboration to real-world problems, in partnership with Bandung Institute of Technology and Bogor Agricultural Institute. UNICEF also engages Indonesian youth in policy discussion by launching a flagship project, U Report, a new innovative platform to encourage young people to speak up on issues that affect their lives.


Unicef Innovation lab in Indonesia continues to bring additional partners and ideas to achieve its core mission.

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