Mount Agung Emergency Response Update
Friday, September 29, 2017 - 22:21

By Vanesha Manuturi
Digital Content Officer

Mount Agung Emergency Response Update

Updated on October 16, 12:00 WITA

The Mount Agung Emergency Response is a joint community effort coordinated by Kopernik, IDEP, Bumi Sehat, Rio Helmi, Rucina Ballinger, Bali ZEN and the Green School parents to respond to the urgent and evolving needs of people who have been evacuated due to Mount Agung’s increased volcanic activity.

To date, the relief effort has raised $70,935. This is thanks to the support of more than 649 donors who contributed either money or goods. The funds have been used for the purchase and delivery of thousands of emergency items including hygiene kits, food items, blankets, sleeping mats, tarpaulins, sanitary pads, nappies, and other critical supplies to evacuees (details below). We also provided much needed sanitation facilities with the construction of 26 toilets in three evacuation points, and supported the well-being of 60 cows in Sidemen that had been moved out of the red zone.

We cannot mention all the individuals who have contributed to the relief effort because there are so many, but we are extremely thankful for your support.

To date, we have delivered 25 truckloads across 16 evacuation points in Bangli, Buleleng, Tabanan, and Karangasem regencies.

More than 138,000 people within the 12-km exclusion zone from Mount Agung are estimated to have been evacuated as of October 13 according to the latest government data. The needs of the evacuees continue to increase and we will continue to work together with the evacuation centres to make sure that support keeps getting to where it’s needed.